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Michael Bulka
1621 N. Honore BF
Chicago IL  60622
Phone 773-227-6225

Michael Bulka is a critic who has contributed to P-Form, dialogue, C, Art in America, World Art, New Art Examiner, New City, ArtNet, probably some forgotten others. He doesn't much like museums, preferring to see the art while it is fresh, at storefront galleries. He sometimes remembers he used to think he was an artist and exhibits the occasional knickknack.

BFA in sculpture, minor in painting - Virginia Commonwealth University, around 1980.
MFA studio arts - University of Illinois-Chicago Circle (back before it was a cool school).
Dropped out of SAIC's post-grad art history and criticism certificate program.

Some informal writings on art and life are available online at

"I try always to tell the truth, but there are lots of truths and a lot of ways to tell them."